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from torch import Tensor
from torch.optim import Adam
from gpytorch.models import GP
from gpytorch.likelihoods import Likelihood
from gpytorch.mlls import ExactMarginalLogLikelihood
from typing import Optional

[docs] def fit_gp(x: Tensor, y: Tensor, gp: GP, likelihood: Likelihood, lr: Optional[float]=0.1, steps: Optional[int]=200, **kwargs) -> None: r""" Estimate hyper-parameters of the Gaussian process `gp` by maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) using ``torch.optim.Adam`` algorithm. Maximises the log marginal likelihood :math:`\log p(\boldsymbol y \mid \boldsymbol X)`. Parameters ---------- x : ``torch.Tensor`` (size n x d) Training inputs. y : ``torch.Tensor`` (size n) Training targets. gp : ``gpytorch.likelihoods.Likelihood`` Gaussian Process model. lr : ``float``, optional Learning rate of ``torch.optim.Adam`` algorithm, default is 0.1. steps : ``int``, optional Optimisation steps of ``torch.optim.Adam`` algorithm, default is 200. **kwargs : ``Any`` Keyword argument passed to ``torch.optim.Adam``. """ # specify marginal log likelihood mll = ExactMarginalLogLikelihood(likelihood=likelihood, model=gp) # set Gaussian process and likelihood to training mode gp.train() likelihood.train() # specify Adam adam = Adam(gp.parameters(), lr=lr, **kwargs) # fit Gaussian process for i in range(steps): # set gradients from previous iteration equal to 0 adam.zero_grad() # output from GP output = gp(x) # calculate loss loss = -mll(output, y) # backpropagate gradients loss.backward() # take next optimisation step adam.step()